14 thoughts on “Interfacing a 16 x 2 LCD with the Raspberry Pi”

  1. The LCD->Pi wiring diagram has an error, the sire from the LCD RS line (4) is going to the Pi connector pin 17 (3.3 v power), it should be going to ping 15 (GPIO3).

  2. Thanks for your post. i have compiled the first code successfully but nothing was shown on the LCD . i used gcc -o lcd lcd.c -lwiringPi -lwiringPiDev to compile the code

    pi@raspberrypi ~/wiringPi-f18c8f7/examples $ gcc -o lcd lcd1.c -lwiringPi -lwiringPiDev
    pi@raspberrypi ~/wiringPi-f18c8f7/examples $

    please help
    thanks in advance

    1. Now it works there was command missing which is sudo ./lcd ..i am new to gcc i got to know that the previous command is used to compile the code and the last one is used to play it .. thanks again for your post 🙂

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