BerryGPS has been designed to fit perfectly with the Raspberry Pi Zero. It is also compatible with all other versions of Raspberry Pi .

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BerryGPS has been specifically designed for the Raspberry Pi Zero. It is also compatible with all other versions of Raspberry Pi.

BerryGPS uses the M10478-A2 from Antenova, which is a high quality GPS module which is able to track 22 satellites.

Built in antenna:  BerryGPS comes with an inbuilt antenna.

SupCap: The SuperCap keeps the phemeris data stored in the battery backup RAM for 4 hours.  This allows for faster acquisitions when the module is power cycled.

Fix indicator:  The fix LED will flash once a second when a fix has been obtained. The fix signal is also presented on an output pin.

PPS: BerryGPS also includes Pulse Per Second(PPS) functionality.  With a LED which will flash on every pulse and an output pin to be used by a microcontroller for time syncing.

Standby Pin: Includes a pin to place the GPS module into standby mode.

Periodic mode: Periodic mode is a module controlled mode that reduces current consumption by only waking the module for short periods to maintain fix data.

Connection for external antenna: BerryGPS also includes a uFL connector for an external antenna, which can be used when BerryGPS doesn't have clear access to the sky.

An external antenna can be found here.
This external antenna increases the signal via 28dB.
GPS Antenna

BerryGPS is compatible will all models of Raspberry Pi, including Pi 2, Pi 3 and Zero.

Technical specifications

Dimensions; 65 mm x 30 mm

Weight =  5gm

GPS Module MT3337

  • Low current consumption, <200uA when using Periodic mode.
  • Antenova M10478-A2  ( MT3337-E chip) GPS module
  • 3.3v supply
  • NMEA 0183
  • UART  4800/9600/38400/115200 bps
  • Channels - 210 PRN / 66 Acquisition / 22 Tracking
  • Max update rate 5 Hz
  • Horizontal position accuracy <2.5m CEP
  • Acquisition sensitivity -148dBm
  • Tracking sensitivity -165dBm
  • Hot start <1s
  • Warm start <25s
  • Cold start <35s
  • Orbit prediction
  • 1PPS Sync
  • Fix LED
  • Internal antenna
  • Connector for external antenna
  • SuperCap to help store ephemeris data.

BerryGPS should only be powered with a 3.3v power supply.

BerryGPS comes with;

  • BerryGPS PCB
  • 1 x Female header
  • 4 x Nylon standoffs, nuts and screws


Raspberry Pi and Antenna are not included.

Some very basic soldering is required to solder on the female header.
If you would like us to solder the header for you (at no cost), please leave a note when completing your order.


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M10478-A2 Datasheet   M10478-A2 NMEA Sentence Output   M10478-A2 NMEA Packet Manual