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+Without IMU, yes.. this is the idea. However, on the BerryGPS-IMU, these work independently and any  fusing of these two devices would need to be done by you. This is called untethered dead-reckoning and there are GPS modules that do this, however they are a bit more expensive. Untethered Dead-reckoning is what would help in your Boston scenario.

+Heading…   lets clear this up a bit.  Heading can be used to describe which way a device is pointing or which way a device is traveling.  I think you need the later, E.g.  you want to know if you are going east bound down a highway. The IMU isn’t needed for the second use case as this can be done by the GPS module. And Navit can be configured to show a compass, I don’t know if you can configure Navit show “east”,”west”, etc..

+For the GSM module, “yes”, you would need a SIM with an active account with a carrier.

+The active corded antenna is the best we have.  Second would be the ceramic and third would be the internal antenna on the GPS module.   In saying this, if you have clear access to sky all the time, you can just get by with the internal antenna

+Power consumption, when trying to get a fix.. it can peak around 71mA.  When it has a fix and is running in a continuous state it would be a constant 23mA. If you put it to sleep, it will be using 100 μA


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