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I updated my repository with changes made in the endeavor of fixing the idle value problem:

  1. Changed from single to double precision in my final transform calculations.
  2. Parameterized enableIMU, allowing users to select the scale for gyro, accel, and mag.
  3. Added readGYR_SI, readACC_SI, readMAG_SI which returns the readings in SI units with double precision.
  4. Switched from large to small scale (for greater precision): 2000dps to 245dps and 16G to 2G.

I have noticed that compared to other LSM9DS1 boards, namely SparkFun’s, a lot of the library functionality is missing, namely the use of interrupts. Using interrupts would be helpful as it would notify me when values above a threshold are available. Please refer to

But using interrupts would not necessarily remedy the fact that my idle values are what I would assume to be abnormally high, could you perhaps share what gyro readings you get while the board is idle?

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