Reply To: Temp/Barometer


Here are some things that we checked

  • Check which berryGPS version … it was found that we have the bmp388, rather than the bmp280. .
    • Per Peter’s comment above, “Can you check on the back of the PCB and see what version you have?  if you have version 3.5, then it would be using the BMP388.”
    • If you have the older version of the berryGPS, which has a bmp280, you will need different code, which can be found above in the first post on this thread.
  • Ensure that I2C is enabled under the raspi-config > interfaces menu, and that I2C is reading that register 0x77 is occupied  (as shown in the IMU guide here:

Those would be my best guesses where to start based on our team’s experience.
Keep us updated and good luck.

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