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you don’t need minicon to send the commands to the device.

Have a lookt at this page, at the bottom it has a some examples of using “echo” and Python

echo -e "AT+UPSDA=0,3" > /dev/ttyACM1


#!/usr/bin/env python
import serial, time
port = "/dev/ttyACM1"
PAUSE = 0.1
def sendCommand(command):
    command = command + "\r\n"
    output = ser.read_until()   # default is \n
    print "Command sent:", output.rstrip()     #rstrip will remove any trailing new lines or carriage return, this makes the output more readable
    response = ser.read_until()
    #response =
    print "response", response
ser = serial.Serial(port, baudrate = 115200, timeout = 0.2)
sendCommand("AT+UPSD=0,1,\"hologram\"")     #Set APN
sendCommand("AT+UPSDA=0,3\r\n")         #Activate connection to carrier
time.sleep(PAUSE+3)             #Give the modem time to connect
sendCommand("AT+UGIND=1")           #Activate the unsolicited aiding result
sendCommand("AT+UGPS=1,4,71")           #Turn on GNSS with online assistance and  use GPS+SBAS+GLONASS+Galileo

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