Reply To: Bricked the unit?


Yes, I was always getting NMEA thru minicom once I found it had reverted back to 9600. Haven’t downloaded gpsmon. A couple of reboots and re-seating the Hat trying to capture the GPS bootup thru minicom I’m now getting a fix. It’s still only seeing like 5 or 6 sats, My Dual Bluetooth GPS is seeing 12 GPS and 5 to 7 GLONASS sats a foot away. It’s back at 9600 and 1Hz but at least I’m now getting more than I was an hour ago. I’m not going to be able to do anything else with this tonight. I’m going to do an ordered shutdown and see if it comes back up tomorrow after work. Tomorrow I’ll triple check my ser2net settings and see if I can connect again from uCenter and see what I’m really getting in terms of sats and such.

Anything else I should look at tomorrow?



Blip, blop, bloop…