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Sorry for the time lapse silence.  I have been testing and wanted to give you a final solid update.

I cycled my problem Berry unit through 3 RPi 3 boards with no success.  I have tested with clear view to sky.  I placed the unit back atop my second Pi Zero W and it works.  Granted it does not fix as easily as the original Berry atop another Pi Zero W but it works and works pretty well.  Both units maintained 3D fix consistently on a road trip around town and through a wooded area (Park like).

So I took the original Berry off the Pi Zero and put it on the RPi3 and sure enough it linked up pretty well getting to a 3D fix in a minute or less.  Outside with clear view of course.  So it is definitely an issue with the combo of the second Berry Unit and the RPi3 units.

The only thing I did with the Berry was to solder the pin socket on as required.  I am not a novice at soldering but I also do not have high end (temp reg) equipment.  I use a standard Weller Soldering Iron for my work.  I don’t remember if it is 25 or 30 Watt.  Given that I tested all RPi3 with USB only I would question if a soldering issue could be in play?  Should I re-solder the joints?  Could I have slightly damaged it in the soldering?  I tend to leave cold joints as opposed to over heating but anything is possible.

A final update with you thoughts on this issue would be appreciated.

PS> LTE in the future?  Why is the GPS-GSM no longer on Amazon?  Why was it cheaper on Amazon?



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