Reply To: PiSugar 2 i2c issues


I am experiencing the same issue, using a Raspberry Pi 4B, OzzMaker BerryGPS-IMU-4, and PiSugar 2 Pro.  Were you ever able to resolve this?

The I2C addresses continually come and go for each device, making both devices inaccessible.  I have reached out to PiSugar support as well.  We can’t just create additional I2C buses as both devices have built-in headers to connect to I2C Bus 1 on Pi Pins 3 and 5.

There does not seem to be a conflict in I2C addresses between these devices, with the BerryGPS-IMU-v4 using 1c, 6a, and 77, and the PiSugar using 32 and 75.

Blip, blop, bloop…