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Alex Babij

I am using a raspberry pi 3a+, not overclocked, ssh into it so no display out or keyboard, only thing connected is the SARA-R5 and I am not running extra software on there, just the terminal. In terms of delay, it is usually <1 second to exit minicom, but when I get that error it will take 5+ seconds to give me the option to exit. I’ll try a bunch of different combinations of cellular on/off inside vs sky access, etc. to see if that changes things.

I have been using the python scripts from the gps and agps tutorials which I tweaked for python3 to set the gps parameters, but I have the same issue with the serial connection occur when setting them manually. The python script for the cellular connection can be a bit finicky and will sometimes return ‘ERROR’ when running: ‘AT+CGACT=1,1’, ‘AT+UPSD=0,0,0’, and ‘AT+UPSD=0,100,1’ . My guess is its still trying to establish a cellular connection and thats why it fails, since if I wait long enough and run those AT commands they will eventually work, although I’m not really sure, since if I run ‘AT+CGDCONT?’ I will get back an IP address but still have those 3 commands fail.

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