Reply To: Raspberry Pi – couple of questions

Mark Williams

Hi JimBob

1. You need to start gsmMuxd on every boot. You can use the rc.local to start it.
You also need to shut it down or kill in when rebooting the Pi. This disables the mux on both the 5G modem and the Pi itself. a simple sudo killall gsmMuxd will do.
We are working on a guide to create a systemd file to look after all this so it is automated

2.Even if you try assist online and you dont have a SIM in, it should still work, it will just fail to download the data and rely on normal data it receives from the satellites in the sky. AT+UGIND=1 is only used to report results. This command AT+UGPS=1,1,71 can be used to stat with local aiding only.

Mark --

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