Reply To: Raspberry Pi – couple of questions


This is definitely not working for me and the more I try to debug what is happening the more frustrating things become …

As mentioned at the start I’m using the python script to setup the GPS but when I check this script against the commands in the web page there are things missing – should these be in the python script? An example is the AT+CGACT=1,1 command. I also have to amend this script for it to actually run – the main example is the print statements need to contained in brackets plus the ser.write line needs the command to be changed to command.encode(). The UBLOX AT commands document is a bit of a bible and wading through this while flicking between windows is not ideal!

I now have nothing working … no gpsmon and the gsmmuxd seems to be as flaky as hell when using minicom or the device is just crashing … again, I can’t actually tell what is going on here. I have reverted to the python script on one of the GPS pages for this device and nothing.

It feels like I need to reset the device back to it’s factory settings and start again or just give up completely and write off the cash I have spent on this device. Like I said, frustrating …

Another thing I have noticed is there is no SHM entry for the GPS device like I see for cheaper GPS modules, usually I have chrony using the SHM for the GPS – is this normal?

Blip, blop, bloop…