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Thanks Mark,

I re-entered command as you said with spaces:
con2fbmap 1 0
no success.

Tried installing:
sudo apt-get install con2fbmap
– message returned said: could not find package. I then ran – sudo apt-get update – and tried installing again but with same result. Also tried – sudo pip install con2fbmap – with same result, could not find package.

FWIW I did successfully install wiringpi2 using:
sudo pip install wiringpi2
– no problem there…

Lastly, when the Pi boots yes, I can see a big ‘rainbow’ coloured square at the start and all the boot messages show on the HDMI monitor. At the end of the boot process the PiScreen loads the desktop and HDMI go blank. If anything, I have proved you don’t need that addition text in the cmdline.txt to get PiScreen working, (on mine anyway!)

Everything seems to be working fine except for this issue. I’m keen to get the touch buttons working to control the GPIO but would love to be able to use the HDMI monitor to work on it.


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