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I hope you can help me out.
My situation is similar to what’s been described.
In my case, I got as far as the black screen(a good thing), but foolishly decided to plug in the HDMI “to see what would happen….”
It seemed to basically wipe out all the previous work.
NO config.txt,
NO the other file, whatever it was
Did some limited stuff – still all gone.

I’m going to start from step 1 and see if that works(haven’t done yet.)
If that doesn’t work, go to backup img of O/S close to up to that point.
Not a complete dumbass, anyway.

This is what I am doing unless you can give me some better advice.
BTW, before I screwed it all up, I tried the tests and was not able to see the image – I am working on the RPI via RDP – that may also have something to do with it.

Also – and this would be a HUGE help – is there any alternative way to download the image file….I keep trying, but it never completes, even though I appear to have it….it’s always short. If you’re so inclined, I could send you a link to one drive, or something similar, or if you could get me FTP access, or a torrent, or anything you can come up with. I’ve been Googling for days to no avail. This Ozzmaker site is the only thing I’ve come across that even begins to work for me.
Once I get the black screen again, I WILL NOT FOOL with it, but go on to the next step of getting it to show the desktop, like it’s supposed to do in the first place. OR, hopefully, the IMG file will have done all that for me….I hope to eventually find out.
Thank you much in advance for whatever you can come up with….

Blip, blop, bloop…