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The image file is a stunning success – touch features included.
However, the HDMI output freezes after the drivers load…the last line on the console being
[ 5.030943] fbtft_of_value: fps = 30
So in order to further configure my RPi, I will have to use the screen as my only visual feedback – no biggie as installing RDP will be the first thing I do, then, hopefully, I’ll be all right.
This is the only image I’ve found that works on my RPi 2, and I’ve tried 2 or 3 others.
So although I have no HDMI output after the boot process(well, I DO, but it’s a frozen console screen), THIS WORKS! Anyone having trouble reading this note this well.
Also, just to recall, you may need a download manager to get the image.
Once you have the image, you’re good to experiment. If you trash it, just burn the image again.
Thanks for this forum Mark Williams. It has been the only one that did me any good…

Blip, blop, bloop…