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Well, I haven’t performed this since I posted the solution that worked for me (yes, firezpi, I did manage to figure it out, as I stated in my posts; not sure where to go with your response…), but the message you pointed out look almost like the kernel was updated beyond what it was when I created my configs, thus rendering my configs obsolete. You’re installing this on a Kali install? I don’t have a lot of spare time, but I can try to look into it. if nothing else, though, you can use my scripts and the description I posted above to figure out what the script is doing in concept, and just generate new configs. honestly, looks like that’s what it’s trying to do there; the part where it says restart config, and then starts going through the interactive kernel configuration is what suggests that.

I would just compile and install your own kernel, making sure you include the drivers you need, and continue from the “git clone” line of that script.

Please note, though, that “compile and install your own kernel” is by no means something that a lot of people do, nor is it something that you can just attempt if you’re looking for a plug and play experience. it’s slow, complex, and it’s easy to end up with a kernel that doesn’t work because something that should have been built in is a module or the other way around. I don’t lightly suggest you build it yourself, nor do I assume you have or don’t have the knowledge to do so, I just don’t know what other option you have other than waiting to see if I can figure out a working config.

Also, this is assuming it’s breaking where I think it’s breaking. it would help if you could upload the entire output, so I can see if it’s telling you what it’s doing…although I know my scripts (being hastily bashed together) don’t provide much feedback at all.

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