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Its taken some time, but I’ve figured out how to read and write to the device. However, I would very much like some feedback as I’m getting static output values from my device. There isn’t any drift at all.

for the Gyroscope, could you supply a sample output for register’s 0x28, 0x29, 0x2A, 0x2B, 0x2C, & 0x2D. Before combining the values. I’m just looking for what the Gyro reads when you ready from those specific registers. For instance here is a method I’m currently using to read for the X value of the Gyro.

function [ gyr_combined ] = readGYRx(IMU)
% Reads data from IMU for x axis
gyr_low = readRegister(IMU, hex2dec(’28’));
gyr_high = readRegister(IMU, hex2dec(’29’));

gyr_combined = bitor(gyr_low, gyr_high);
gyr_combined = bitshift(gyr_combined, 8);

if gyr_combined >= 32768
gyr_combined = gyr_combined -65536;


no matter the angle of the sensor it always returns the same thing:
gyr_low = 92.00
gyr_high = 5.00

first I’m sure these numbers should be moving, as even when a gyro is fixed, there should still be drift.

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