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Some questions

1. Do you have clear access to sky? Are you testing outside?

Yes, I tried in clear access to sky, and outside enviroment.

2. How many satellites is gpsmon showing?

I check 2 satellites , and 0 satellites. I attatched gpsmon capture file.

3. What value are you seeing next to HDOP in gpsmon?

No value next to HDOP… I attached gpsmon capture file.

4. Is the switch in the “int” position?

Yes, switch in the int position.



Additional question.

1. If the gps is disconnected after the first connection, there is a phenomenon that can not be reconnected for a long time.  If an external antenna is connected, can the reconnection time be shortened and the reception sensitivity be increased?


2. How do I connect my berry gps if I connect an external antenna? I do not know where to connect.
Can I show a linked sample picture?


Thank you for your detailed advice.



Blip, blop, bloop…