Reply To: Dead?

Mark Williams

I see the problem

Did you mean to solder the header on the incorrect side?

Anyway… it will still work if cabled correctly. Looking at the image, this isn’t the case.


In the image below, the top yellow square describes the pinouts for the spare pins in the second yellow square. It looks like you have used these to reference the pins in the female header, which means ground isn’t connected properly and nothing would work.

The pins on the female header match up to the first 10 pins on the Raspberry Pi.

Blue arrow below needs to connected to RXD on the Pi… this is physical pin 10
The red arrow below shows where GND is connected.  You can use the Pi physical pin 6

The purple jumper should connected to 3.3v  (pin 1)
Green should connect to SDA (pin 3)
Yellow should connect to SCL (pin5)



Mark --

Blip, blop, bloop…