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    Hi Mark,


    Thanks for a great product. Could you please help me understand if the alamanac data is stored somewhere on the RPi or on the BrrryModule. I see that ephemeris is stored for 4 hours but is alamanac stored somehwere? With my BerryGPS v3 at times I get a quick fix and sometimes there is a delayed fix from the same location. There are slight variations in weather but I am not able to pinpoint the difference in performance.

    Mark Williams

    The almanac is stored in the RAM on the GPS module.
    Different times of day can change the time to fix as the satellites would be in different postilions



    Mark --


    Hi Mark


    Thanks for the quick reply. I figured also hat different times could influence but its was the general behavior over time I was mentioning. So I read that ephemeris data is stored in the RAM for 4 hours with the help of SuperCap. So the entire almanac when obtained is also stored or to save space the almanac is just forgotten?



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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