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    Hi Mark, Does the BerryGPS-IMU support ublox AssistNow Online?

    I’ve tried u-center (on a mac) AssistNow Online to send MGA messages to the receiver, however I’ve been unsuccessful. U-center is connected to the RpiZeroW using ser2net on port 6000.

    The screenshot shows that the U-center first downloads the MGA messages, but when trying to send the messages to the receiver it stalls and shows multiple retries.

    Using a browser you can download the URL which results in a mgaonline.ubx file. So the issue is sending many ubx messages to the receiver.

    Mark Williams

    Yes, it does.  Maybe the service was offline when you tried?

    I just did a test and it worked. see screenshot below.  you also need to enter in a Token  use 6_cr63HodUWcy7bs4tjQ0w


    Mark --


    I have used this with success. You need to make sure that UBX protocol is enabled for both input and output on the port you are using with ser2net. The other thing to check is the “Acknowledge Aiding Input” on the NAVX5 configuration section. This needs to be enabled for the “smart” data load.

    FYI, I have also added AssistNow Online support to my github repository “rasp-gps-ntp’ so that the module gets configured on startup. It dropped the time-to-first-fix for me to about two minutes.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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