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    Hi Mark, Does the BerryGPS-IMU support ublox AssistNow Online?

    I’ve tried u-center (on a mac) AssistNow Online to send MGA messages to the receiver, however I’ve been unsuccessful. U-center is connected to the RpiZeroW using ser2net on port 6000.

    The screenshot shows that the U-center first downloads the MGA messages, but when trying to send the messages to the receiver it stalls and shows multiple retries.

    Using a browser you can download the URL which results in a mgaonline.ubx file. So the issue is sending many ubx messages to the receiver.

    Mark Williams

    Yes, it does.  Maybe the service was offline when you tried?

    I just did a test and it worked. see screenshot below.  you also need to enter in a Token  use 6_cr63HodUWcy7bs4tjQ0w


    Mark --

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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