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    Very basic question here as I am totally ignorant with most/all coding matters and just copying pasting really,,,

    I want to read the data from the sensors on the Berry IMU, Ive enabled the i2c but cant proceed because Ive no idea where to write the code or paste the code you shared on github.

    Do I open an application in Raspberry Pi? which one? how do I execute the code?


    Mark Williams

    from the terminal on your Raspberry Pi
    1. Download the code
    git clone

    2. CD into one of the folders

    3. Look at the README file to see what needs to be done to either compile or run the code
    cat README

    4.To run the Python code in this folder
    sudo python

    Mark --


    Thanks Mark
    I managed to run and I see all the angles running as I move the unit
    Is there a way to isolate just two readings from the unit?

    I need only the acceleration, that is the speed of movement, not the angle, when I move the unit in one direction without turning it in any axis

    and the change of angle around the Y axis

    the goal is to use it as a controller for a 2D game

    Thanks for your help

    Mark Williams

    Have a look in the python code, there are comments that describe how to do this.
    Make sure you have the latest version of code from the git repo. it was updated 2 days ago.

    Mark --

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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