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    I am trying to solve a problem with GPS fix on BerryGPS-IMU-4 .

    Sometimes I get a fix but in general, GPS stays in FIX 1 mode with no satellites being visible. I tried to follow GPS restart procedure (using echo -e -n “\xb5\x62\x06\x04\x04\x00\xff\xff\x02\x00\x0e\x61” > /dev/serial0).

    I have a strange (before and after reset) minicom output (screenshot attached)- lot a strange lines and characters.

    Is this normal? Can it be serial port connection problem?



    Is the BerryGPS-IMU outside and have clear access to sky? If it is inside near a window it will not work.

    The screenshot you attached is a bit small, I cant see exactly what is happening. Have you disabled the Pi Console on your Pi?

    Richard --


    HI, I was able to solve the problem.  It was related to wrong connection between Berry and external antena. I am able to get a fix but it takes a long time still. therefore I have few additional questions:

    • is it possible to check/monitor to current status/progress of downloading almanach? Can we check what is the size of the almanach file and how much of it was already download from satellites?
    • is it possible to use “assisted GPS fix” without GSM module on-board. Can I download the UBX file from the server (with raspberry) and send it from raspberry to GPS module over serial?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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