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    I’m interested in connecting a Sparkfun Openlog Artemis to the BerryGPS-IMU.

    • Would a simple connection with a QWIIC cable be enough to power the GPS-IMU as well as receive data? Is it as easy as connecting one of the Sparkfun GPS boards, with data being sent as soon as the board boots up?

    Also wondering about the previous version:

    • Does the QWIIC protocol really work with the v3 board (it has no QWIIC connector) as indicated on the current product page (“We have also made the BerryIMUv3 compatible with the SparkFun QWIIC echo system”) – if so, how to connect?

    The BerryGPS-IMUv4 and the BerryIMUv3 are the only devices compatible with the QWIIC echo system.

    we are not familiar with the Artemis boards, however a quick check shows that in theory everything should work.  And yes, the QWIIC connector provides all the power the board needs to function.
    If using QWIIC connector only, you will need to solder the two jumpers on the back of the PCB to connect the GPS module to the i2c bus, as shown here


    Richard --

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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