Bricked the unit?

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    Just got the Berry GPS IMUv3 on 5/23 from Amazon. Got it set up and talking a day or so later. Decided after a few days to see if it would work better in my project at the full 10Hz response rate. Used your guide to bring uCenter into the picture to make the changes. Made the changes and had the unit talking at 115200 at 10Hz. Next day I noticed that the fix was with fewer sats and diving into uCenter found that I was only getting GPS, no GLONASS sats anymore. Didn’t have the time to further troubleshoot at the time. It’s been a few days since I was able to get back to this project. Got an external antenna in the interim and dove back into it. Was getting absolutely nothing every once in a long while might a get a few flashes from the Rx LED. Found that somehow it’s reverted back to 9600 and the NMEA is like…


    Changed the SER2NET settings to reflect the 9600 baud rate and uCenter seems to connect but the Terminal window is blank and it doesn’t seem to be able read anything. Have I killed the unit and/or is there a chance to resurrect it? I’ll attach pictures of my setup and the solder job on the pins.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

    Mark Williams

    I’m sure your soldering is fine… it was working before changing settings.
    Is it outside (not near window) when you testing?

    Do you see any NMEA sentences when using gpsmon or minicom? you may need to kill ser2net first, with sudo killall ser2net

    Mark --


    Yes, I was always getting NMEA thru minicom once I found it had reverted back to 9600. Haven’t downloaded gpsmon. A couple of reboots and re-seating the Hat trying to capture the GPS bootup thru minicom I’m now getting a fix. It’s still only seeing like 5 or 6 sats, My Dual Bluetooth GPS is seeing 12 GPS and 5 to 7 GLONASS sats a foot away. It’s back at 9600 and 1Hz but at least I’m now getting more than I was an hour ago. I’m not going to be able to do anything else with this tonight. I’m going to do an ordered shutdown and see if it comes back up tomorrow after work. Tomorrow I’ll triple check my ser2net settings and see if I can connect again from uCenter and see what I’m really getting in terms of sats and such.

    Anything else I should look at tomorrow?



    Mark Williams

    you can also try a reset of the GPS
    echo -e -n "\xb5\x62\x06\x04\x04\x00\xff\xff\x02\x00\x0e\x61" > /dev/serial0

    Mark --

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