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    I got my PiScreen yesterday.

    I tried to assemble the case today and ran into a couple of issues.

    1 – bottom piece tabs don’t fit into the sides. I needed to use a file to enlarge the rectangular holes on the long sides so that the tabs would fit.

    2 – The PCB on the TFT board is slightly wider than the PiScreen board. This makes it to that the end pieces won’t go on.

    I attached a photo showing the left side and the TFT circuit board is hard up against the side.

    I attached another photo which shows the right side, and the hole for the tab needs to be moved about 1/2 the thickness of the plastic to the right.

    Using my calipers., I measure the width of the TFT PCB to be 56.7mm and the distance between the tabs as 55.7mm or about 1 mm too narrow.

    Even the PiScreen PCB is about 56.2mm and the Raspberry Pi board is 56.0mm

    Mark Williams

    Thanks for the info.
    Are you using the PiScreen Kit?

    Mark --


    I also got improperly sized case, where PCBs won’t fit.

    The case can be assembled and my Rasspberry Pi fits (hard), but TFT and Piscreen PCBs cannot.
    They are about 1 mm too wider than the distance between rectangular holes in smaller case sides.
    The sizes are the same as dhylands wrote, only my Raspberry Pi model A is 55.7 mm.

    Could you send me properly sized smaller sides of the case? (With not less than 56.8 mm between holes.)

    By the way, there were no styluses in the parcel, it would be nice to get them too.
    Yet the lack of them is not as show stopping as the too small case.

    Best regards.


    Just wanting to let all readers know that Ozzmaker contacted me by e-mail soon after my post
    and the case of my case was resolved by a proper replacement.
    Thank you.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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