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    Thanks for the quick delivery and in the hour the BerryIMU worked perfectly well on a Raspberry Pi model B.

    I try now to connect the BerryIMU to a PIC18F4550 from Microchip.
    No datas !!!!!
    By the way, does the BerryIMU have internal pullup resistors ?

    Could somebody help me ?


    P.S. Sorry for my english 🙁

    Mark Williams

    No, you will need to place your own.


    BTW: if you do come up with a working BerryIMU on PIC… I would love to get a copy of the code to place in our github repository for BerryIMU.

    Mark --


    Hello Mark,

    Thanks for your quick answer. I noticed de two 10Ko resistors with a Ohmeter.
    Thanks for the schematics.
    I saw that the Raspberry has 1,8Ko for i2C so I put the same values on
    the PIC ! It seems to work now.

    No problems to share my code in github when my project will be finished.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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