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    I tried your tutorial to connect to internet using a vodafone SIM card which has no username and password. Of course I changed the APN – in my case to “”

    As the ppp connection did not work (on one Raspberry Pi, nothing happened, another crashed when I started ppp with “sudo pon”), I tried to set the individual AT commands to SARA u-201 in minicom according to the tutorial


    Which gives me: OK


    Also gives me: OK

    The other GPS related commands seem to work.

    However, no internet connection is available. What steps am I missing? Do you have another example until completing 3g connection with a ordinary SIM card? Or can I use the hologram Python SDK for other SIM cards aswell?

    At the end, I want to run 3G and GNSS both via USB without using the i2c headers to the Pi.

    I would be happy for help, because for our student project we are running out of time.




    after the commands above, what are the results of these two commands?


    The first checked the connection status and the second shows the ip.

    And then do this one to show what carrier you are connected to

    Peter --

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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