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    Hello for my project I am currently working on a robotic car capable of navigating through a building. I am currently having issues with the BerryIMU’s heading. Using and modifying the code listed on the I am able to read the all the values from the gyro, accelerator and magnometer and they appear to be accurate. When the car is stationary and I rotate the car around in a 360 degree fashion the heading changes accordingly. However for my project I am taking a initial start heading then driving straight ahead and taking another and comparing the to, to make sure the car is going straight, however the second heading is always drastically different after it has moved. I have tried applying the hard and soft calibration listed on the website and that didn’t appear to change anything. Also I do no not think its a electromagnetic interference problem because when I physically move the robot in a straight line the heading still changes. Lastly I also have the pi running on a separate power supply from the motors. Any help as to why this is occurring would be greatly appreciated.

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