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    I ordered a GPS IMU v3 quite some time ago, but only now got around to setting it up. Setup went well with your online setup guides, so kudos on that.
    However, currently my location is inaccurate by 5 miles…. that’s pretty crazy. If it were hugely inaccurate, I would think it is just not working but this is 0.02 degrees latitude and 0.1 degree longitude, so clearly it is working just off somehow. I did search the forums before posting this and did not find anything, if it is addressed elsewhere please provide a link.
    Is there anyway to calibrate this data?

    Thank you,
    Karl Tatgenhorst

    Mark Williams

    Have a look here to see how accurate your fix is;

    Do you have clear access to sky?  (E.g. not inside a building near a window, surrounded by tall tress, etc..)


    Mark --


    I continued working on it. Reseating the board on the GPIO and rebooting resulted in correct data. More inclined to believe it was the reseating as restarting the daemon alone did not clear it.

    Now the GPS matches the GPS coordinates from other devices, though there is roughly seven minutes time drift.

    Thank you

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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