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    you claim that you have done a Hack to copy the videoutput of the HDMI port to the PiScreen interface.
    I would like to know how you have done.

    Thanks by advance.

    Mark Williams

    PiScreen isnt supported on XBMC.  However there is a work around to copy what is display on the HDMI port(fb0) to the PiScreen.


    To do this, we will need Framebuffer Copy.

    pi@raspberrypi ~ $ sudo apt-get install cmake
    pi@raspberrypi ~ $ git clone https://github.com/tasanakorn/rpi-fbcp
    pi@raspberrypi ~ $ cd rpi-fbcp/
    pi@raspberrypi ~ $ mkdir build
    pi@raspberrypi ~ $ cmake ..
    pi@raspberrypi ~ $ make
    pi@raspberrypi ~ $ sudo install fbcp /usr/local/bin/fbcp

    To use Framebuffer Copy the console needs to be on fb0. If it isnt already there, you can change it to fb0 using this command;

    pi@raspberrypi ~ $ con2fbmap 1 0

    The run framebuffer copy in the background

    pi@raspberrypi ~ $ fbcp &

    You should now have fb0 mirrored onto fb1(PiScreen).

    Mark --OzzMaker.com --


    Thank you so much for your response. I will have to try that.
    I hope that xbmc will definitely come to support some additional screens like yours.

    Keep on your good job !


    Im having trouble getting the installations complete cmake .. gives me
    CMake Error: The source directory “/home” does not appear to contain CMakeLists.txt.
    Specify –help for usage, or press the help button on the CMake GUI.

    A little new to linux and my pi here, trying to get lcd working at least for a final project for school, wanted to make car media kit running raspbmc, using bitsync to auto load music onto pi. Any help would be great i have the bitsync and wifi dongle working to auto sync just cant get lcd to display, i understand using raspbmc using the clone isnt the ideal way to achieve this just wanted a user friendly gui for display in a vehicle.

    Mark Williams

    Did you create the directory “build”? This is the step just before cmake ..
    mkdir build

    Mark --OzzMaker.com --

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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