How to use serial port if GPS is switched to i2c?

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    Hello there,

    I followed the directions for switching the GPS unit over to i2c here:

    While i2c seems to work, I’m not able to use the newly freed serial port.  It works fine if I take the berrygps-imu off the board.

    Maybe the GPS unit is continuing to transmit on the same TX/RX?  Any advice would be appreciated.

    Mark Williams

    i2c access for the GPS was only considered when connecting the BerryGPS-IMU via QWIIC cable.  However, we have had a number of users still want to use the BerryGPS-IMU while sitting on top of the Raspberry Pi.

    Right now, you have two options;

    1. connect via QWIIC cable and not have the BerryGPS-IMU sitting on the Raspberry Pi.

    2. Remove the two inductors circled below.

    If you want serial connection back, you can place a solder blob where the inductors where to close the connection.  The GPS will still work perfectly fine without them.

    BTW: in the next version of BerryGPS-IMU, we will include jumpers on the back so it will be easier to break and restore the tx/rx connections

    Mark --


    Thanks for the excellent, detailed answer!  This is super helpful.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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