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    When reading the values for the Gyro, why do you offset the address by or’ing OUT_X_L_G with 0x80

    The Gyro is initialised in Bypass mode, so the latest single value in the FIFO will always be written to OUT_[XYZ]_[LH]_G registers after being read (From what I understand in the spec sheet)

    If I only output d/s sampling from 0x80 | OUT_X_L_G .. I do not get 0 values for the gyro being stationary.
    If I read only from OUT_X_L_G, I get a 0 value and changing values when moving.

    Please can you advise what the 0x80 is for?

    Mark Williams

    It is needed with reading multiple bytes and increments the FIFO. From the datasheet:

    In order to read multiple bytes, it is necessary to assert the most significant bit of the subaddress field. In other words, SUB(7) must be equal to 1 while SUB(6-0) represents the
    address of first register to be read

    0x80 = b10000000

    Mark --OzzMaker.com --



    Thanks Mark.
    That line was way deep in the spec sheet.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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