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    this is an issue conserning the blog:

    i have not seen a way to contact the webmaster of the blog listed on the site yet, so ill start a new topic: im still learning this type of stuff but i believe the instructions for the install, mainly make command of “git://” results in failure. now im not sure if this is a problem with the source or with the instructions but if you’d look into it, maybe you could amend the article, to say that these instructions no longer work, or perhaps you could verify that in some cases it does work. most of the comments on the article are of people having the same problem as i am. anyways if you’d check it out and verify maybe that it works, and its not an software update conflict or something id be very grateful.

    anyone with an explination as to who to boot this up, or perhaps alternate instructions, maybe could help also. ive been eager to try Matchbox-desktop out, as the minimalist desktop is exactly what i need for my piscreen.

    please forgive spelling errors.

    Mark Williams

    matchbox-desktop fails to compile with newer Raspbian images. Check the instructions again as we have added a work around to get it going on an older image

    Mark --

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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