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    Nice to have Kalman Gyro Pitch (Y) and Roll (X) and Heading displayed on Motioneye monitor overlay, see  Also the ability to log and/or output Hdg/Pitch/Roll to a text file similar to the compass calibration.

    The code for a script as described in the Motioneye link is over my head, more of a hardware guy.  The project is for Remotely Operated Vehicle cameras ( and the ability to show/record hdg/pitch/roll data enables 2 things for an ROV.  One, the operator (pilot) can determine the camera pan/tilt angles in real time as you can’t see the (FPV) camera.  Two, the ability to later determine camera angle in relation to vehicle orientation with respect to seabed/objects.  The later gives observers the ability to post process video and/or still images and determine size of objects, basically you can work out how far away and what orientation the camera was.

    Simply having tilt angle on video overlay would be a huge start for DIY drones and MATE ROV competition

    The real deal would be BerryIMU configurable output NEMA string so it could be field decoded by the various video overlay units, see attached pic.  This is accomplished somewhat at present with position sensors on P/T units but not always possible, makes more sense to have the hardware in the camera I think…

    Thanks, Dan

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