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    I have a Berry GPS-IMU hooked to my Raspberry Pi3 and trying to set it up correctly.

    Following your guide lines was a true help for a beginner like me.

    However I am currently not able to get a GPS Fix, I left the unit in the window for 30minutes without any success.

    I am getting the NMEA sentences but without the GPS data in them.

    I am not using an external antenna and the switch is therefore on ‘Int’.

    Do you maybe have any lead on what the issue can be or what could I have done wrong ?

    attached is a picture of the NMEA sentences I get



    You would need to do a test with the GPS module outside with clear access to the sky.

    Peter --


    Tried it today in the car while I was on a long drive. It took approx 50minutes but it finally got a GPS fix.

    I will order an external antenna to get better result and start playing with the GPS !
    Thanks for you quick and efficient support !

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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