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    Hi there,

    This might be a really stupid question, however is the pre-installed female pin headers (the block that attaches to the GPIO pins) on the rear of the PiScreen2 removable?

    I’ve tried pulling them off, but they feel so well attached I fear I’ll snap the board or break the solder joints on the pins below. I’m just wondering if they’ve been permanently attached or I’m just not trying hard enough?


    Mark Williams

    If you are using the ribbon cable to attach it to the Pi, then you wouldn’t need the female header.
    In theory, you could remove it…. but it would be difficult.

    You could use a hot air gun to heat all the pins up at the same time… but you have to be carefull you dont damage the TFT.
    You could could cut the header into small sections with some plyers and then remove those with a soldering iron. Again, be careful as the heat can damage the TFT from heat.

    If you do either of the above… its best that you pull the TFT away from the PCB so it doesn’t get damaged by heat. Gently pry it up at the end where the text “” is. It is only held down with double sided tape.
    We don’t take any responsibility if you damage your PiScreen.

    As a last resort, you could purchase another one and I could remove it for you.

    good luck!

    Mark --


    Cool, cheers!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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