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    Philippe Jeanmaire

    Hi Mark,

    I develop my applications on Raspberry Pi3A+ with PiScreen2.  Did an initial calibration and recorded the results in 99-calibration.conf.

    All worked well, and after 2 months I am ready to get prototypes in the field…. But I observed over time that the taps on the left side of the screen got less and less precise… to the point where I cannot tap on buttons in top left corner.

    I use ‘ts_calibrate’ to read coordinates of set points.
    screen 1 results (point: X, Y):

    top left:                571, 1313
    top right:          3483,  949
    bottom right:  3487, 3074
    bottom left:       566, 2705

    The Y range on the left side is 1313 – 2705  and on the right side 949 – 3074!  Running ‘ts_test’ I cannot drag the cursor to the bottom or the top on the left side.

    Same test on a new PiScreen2 the results are (screen 2):

    top left:                528,  794
    top right:          3487,   771
    bottom right:  3493, 3314
    bottom left:       523, 3331

    and cursor can be dragged over the whole screen… which seems ‘normal’

    What are your thoughts on these observations?

    Note: I have replaced the tall 2×13 female header (situated on the opposite side of the top left corner of the screen) with a low profile header .  Could the heat used to solder it have something to do with it?


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