PiSugar 2 i2c issues

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    I installed a BerryGPS_IMUv4 on my pi zero w. Using usb power from my laptop I am able to get readings from the accel, gyro, compass, etc just fine. Whenever I add the pisugar, I get issues when running 'sudo i2cdetect -y 1'. It will show a handfull of populated addresses, but if I run it multiple times the addresses intermittently disappear. When the pisugar is attached I cannot run the example code as the 'BerryIMU device is not found'.


    Attached is the output I would normally get from the command when just connecting the IMU and using usb power.


    I know this seems to be more an issue with the pisugar, but does anyone recommend a workflow to troubleshoot this issue? I would love to be able to use both of these modules together as it makes for a very compact package I'm happy with.


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