18 thoughts on “Interfacing a 16 x 2 LCD with the Raspberry Pi”

  1. The LCD->Pi wiring diagram has an error, the sire from the LCD RS line (4) is going to the Pi connector pin 17 (3.3 v power), it should be going to ping 15 (GPIO3).

  2. Thanks for your post. i have compiled the first code successfully but nothing was shown on the LCD . i used gcc -o lcd lcd.c -lwiringPi -lwiringPiDev to compile the code

    pi@raspberrypi ~/wiringPi-f18c8f7/examples $ gcc -o lcd lcd1.c -lwiringPi -lwiringPiDev
    pi@raspberrypi ~/wiringPi-f18c8f7/examples $

    please help
    thanks in advance

    1. Now it works there was command missing which is sudo ./lcd ..i am new to gcc i got to know that the previous command is used to compile the code and the last one is used to play it .. thanks again for your post 🙂

  3. I Follow each step in this tutorial but nothing is displayed on the LCD. IThe code is compiled and running without any error. But no message appears in the display. Any Help would be more than greatful. Thanks 😉

  4. Hello, my display for the first code does not show anything, and the second code show gibberish.. Can u please contact me and help me ? It woul be awesome ! Thank you, Tlásky.

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