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    cd ~/arm-stuff
    git clone
    cd fbtft_tools/ads7846_device
    make install

    I did this step again and that seems to have solved the issue. It is included in the script but maybe it failed in the script somehow. Now the touchscreen seems to work and all is well. Thanks for this awesome guide and for your help aswell Mark Williams.



    "[info] Loading kernel module ads7846_device."
    FATAL: Module ads7846_device not found.

    Notro has been a change in the way the drivers get loaded, it is done more efficiently now, it is now done using overlays.

    I just updated this page 10 minutes ago with new instructions;

    Maybe I missunderstood what you meant, but if I add “dtoverlay=piscreen,speed=16000000,rotate=90” to the end of the line in cmdline.txt instead of what you had written previously and reboot, it won’t work anymore.

    Although you say in the post that it should be added to config.txt which does not exist in the kali build instead of cmdline.txt. I tried creating a file named config.txt in boot containing that line and rebooted but that didn’t work either.

    Edit: I see that I indeed missunderstod what you meant by mixing up with

    But am I supposed to remove the lines in /etc/modules that were added in step 5 of the previous post and only add “dtoverlay=piscreen,speed=16000000,rotate=90” to config.txt in /boot ?


    I’ve compiled the kernel now and it boots. The screen turned on after adding “fbcon=map:10 fbcon=rotate:2 fbcon=font:ProFont6x11” to the end of cmdline.txt as stated in

    Not sure if this is a problem, but I noticed this message while it was booting:
    [info] Loading kernel module ads7846_device.
    FATAL: Module ads7846_device not found.


    I really appreciate that you are taking the time to respond to my post!

    Yes, I realise that the kernel is updated and that I would not be able to use your config file so I used the one created from “make menuconfig”. I have next to no experience compiling my own kernel which is why I’ve been trying to work with your scripts and it’s likely that I’ve missed to include some required things in the kernel if they were not mentioned.

    Just to make sure:
    –Add to drivers/video/Kconfig: source “drivers/video/fbtft/Kconfig”
    –Add to drivers/video/Makefile: obj-y += fbtft/

    are these lines supposed to be added to the end of the files?

    I’m installing this on my Raspberry Pi B+ with kali 1.1.0 and I’m not looking for a plug and play solution. I’m doing this because I want the display to work with kali but I wanna learn and understand how to compile my own kernels and include drivers etc. so if I make it work with the scripts I might be able to go through the instructions and understand what I’m doing.

    Someone suggested that I should enable “Patch physical to virtual translations at runtime” when I run “make menuconfig”. I’m currently compiling the kernel with that option enabled so hopefully it will work unless I forgot some modules.

    Regarding the output, that was the only output. I only omitted the line ” ./ “.
    So the script didn’t break or crash but waited for input which I had no idea what to enter.


    I attempted to upload my .config, piscreen-config.desktop, and the config scripts, but it denied me for security reasons. I am attempting to upload them as a tar, but if that doesn’t work, let me know if they’d be useful and I can send them to you.

    Looks like this worked. Not sure how one marks an issue as resolved, but I’ve gotten this working, now I just have to track down the on-screen keyboard and get it installed. should be fun. the rest from here is just tinkering.


    Hi, I tried to follow your guide and use your build-scripts but I get stuck with
    I get the following error message:

    scripts/kconfig/conf --silentoldconfig Kconfig
    .config:22:warning: symbol value '' invalid for PHYS_OFFSET
    * Restart config...
    * Linux/arm 3.18.11 Kernel Configuration
    Patch physical to virtual translations at runtime (ARM_PATCH_PHYS_VIRT) [N/y/?] n
    Physical address of main memory (PHYS_OFFSET) [] (NEW)

    Did anyone else run into this problem?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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