PiBBot – Robotic Project – Phase 2 – Prototype

Here is my first attempt at getting PiBBot balanced.

This is a very early prototype, confirming that all the hardware works and the I can get the time of the main loop down to 20ms, which was easy.
This prototype also helped me get my head around the code and math need to balance.



I am waiting on the delivery of some hardware to build my final and larger version.  Which will have a battery pack placed up high, this will help a lot with the balancing.



The main components used to balance this prototype;

  • MinIMU-9 v2 Gyro, Accelerometer, and Compass (L3GD20 and LSM303DLHC Carrier)
  • Solarbotics GM6 120:1 Mini Gear Motor Offset Output
  • Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver
  • 315MHz RF M4 Receiver
  • 12v battery

The receiver allowed my to change the PID values in real time.

There is also a lot of other components on the breadboard, but they are not needed to balance. Eg TFT, 8x8Matrix, Temp monitor…


5 thoughts on “PiBBot – Robotic Project – Phase 2 – Prototype”

  1. hi, the robot looks very nice, i wann do something else..i got this ADXL345 3 axis g sensor, and i wanna read it in via spidev0.1 but somehow i cant get it working does this display mod mess something up with it? im happy that my display is still working 🙂 wiring of it should be correct all just same onley this time i use ce1(pin 26 for its spi chipselect)
    best regards ben

  2. Hello mwiliam03,

    I purchased all the parts needed to make my own Pibbot. I am newby to raspberry pi, and I am having a hard time understanding the read me pin configuration that you have with the code. Can you help me with a detailed mapping for the pins?

    Thank you Tyrone

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