PiScreen Case Assembly Instructions

PiScreen case consists of 6 Acrylic and 1 delrin pieces The delrin piece is used to provide extra support for the PiScreen Do a practice run without the Raspberry Pi inside the case. This will help you understand how the case goes together and assist when it is time to include the Raspberry Pi.

1) Fasten the PCB standoffs to the Raspberry Pi. PiScreen Case PCB stand off



2)Place the white delrin support into the Raspberry PCB. PiScreen Case PCB support delrin



3)Place the end piece with the Ethernet and USB holes on first and the add the side where the source and RCA video ports are. PiScreen Case PCB assemble - step 3 When connecting the side pieces to the end piece, you will need to squeeze one of the latches together when inserting it into the end piece. PiScreen Case PCB assemble - step 3 squeeze



4)Place the case on its side and add the bottom and top pieces. PiScreen Case PCB assemble - step 4



5)Add the remainder side piece, this can be a bit tricky. Insert the lid hinge in first then insert the side piece into the end piece, while including the bottom. PiScreen Case PCB assemble - step 5



6)You can now add the final end piece.  Latches at the top go in first and then squeeze the bottoms latches in next. PiScreen Case PCB assemble - step 6

Blip, blop, bloop…