11 thoughts on “PiScreen is Now Available at OzzMaker.com”

  1. Is this exclusive to a particular Pi distro like some other screens or is it “plug and play” for any distro? Ie does it work with any Pi distro?

      1. There are a few, the ones I have in mind are OpenELEC, OSMC, Kali 2, retropie, and Ubuntu. I have a few pi 2s so if there are any specific files or modifications I need to get each of those distros to work then any info/help would be great. Also, are u located in Australia? And how much shipping within Australia?

      2. Yes, we are in Australia. Shipping within Australia is by Express post at $10.20.

        OpenELEC,OSMC = the TFT works but touch is difficult to configure

        Kali – works 100%. There are guides available on the internet on how to configure

        RetroPi– Our understanding is that RetroPi is based on Raspbian, therefore PiScreen will work

        100%. But then you would need to confirm that all the applications will accept touch input from the TFT.

        Here is how to enable the drivers;

  2. Hi,
    Hope you are doing good.

    I have RF set top box, can we record RF remote using lirc same as IR remote. And send those command using ‘irsend’ in Raspberry Pi terminal.

    Please share the detail steps to record RF and create lircd.conf file.

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