BerryGPS-IMU v4 has been designed to fit perfectly with the Raspberry Pi Zero. It is also compatible with all other versions of the Raspberry Pi and Arduino.
Sensors included are;

  • GPS
  • Accelerometer
  • Gyroscope
  • Magnetometer (Compass)
  • Barometric/Altitude
  • Temperature

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BerryGPS-IMU v4 has been specifically designed for the Raspberry Pi Zero. It is also compatible with all other versions Raspberry Pi. It includes logic level shifters for 5v MCUs, which means it is also compatible with an Arduino.

BerryGPS-IMU v4 is a GPS module which also includes all the sensors found in the BerryIMU v3.

The sensors found on the BerryGPS-IMU v4 are:

  1. GPS 
  2. Accelerometer
  3. Gyroscope
  4. Magnetometer (Compass)
  5. Barometric/pressure sensor (altitude) 
  6. Temperature

We have also made the BerryIMUv3 compatible with the SparkFun QWIIC echo system.

We sell a QWIIC connector and cable for the Raspberry here.  This does away with the need to solder headers onto the BerryIMUv3 when connecting to a Raspberry Pi.
When connecting via QWIIC connector only, the GPS module can only be accessed via I2C


BerryGPS-IMU v4 uses the CAM-M8 from uBlox, which is an advanced high quality GPS module.

3 concurrent GNSS:  Concurrent reception of up to 3 GNSS (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou)

Embedded Antenna: Embedded, omnidirectional and wideband antenna

Super Cap: The SuperCap keeps the ephemeris data stored in the battery backup RAM for 2 hours.  This allows for faster acquisitions when the module is power cycled.

Fix and PPS indicator:  The on board LED will flash once a second when a fix has been obtained. The PPS signal is also presented on an output pin.

Time Pulse Output (PPS): 0,25Hz – 10MHz (default 1Hz)

Protocols:NMEA, UBX binary, RTCM

Update Rate: Single GNSS – up to 18Hz, Dual GNSS up to 10Hz

Connection for external antenna: BerryGPS-IMU v4 also includes a uFL connector for an external antenna, which can be used when BerryGPS-IMU v4 doesn’t have clear access to the sky.

u-Center: A graphical interface to test and configure the  GPS module on the BerryGPS-IMU


An external antenna can be found here.

GPS Antenna
28dB active antenna

This external antenna increases the signal via 28dB.

Technical specifications

Dimensions; 65 mm x 30 mm

Weight =  6gm

GPS Module CAM-M8

  • Low current consumption, <200uA when using Periodic mode.
  • Receiver Type;
    72-channel u-blox M8 engine
    BeiDou B11, Galileo E1B/C
  • Altitude of 50,000m
  • 3.3v supply
  • NMEA, UBX binary, RTCM
  • UART  4800/9600/38400/115200/230400/460800 bps
  • Max update rate 10 Hz
  • Horizontal position accuracy <2.5m CEP
  • Acquisition sensitivity -148dBm
  • Tracking sensitivity -167dBm
  • Hot start <1s
  • Assisted start <3s
  • Cold start <26s
  • Orbit prediction
  • 1PPS Sync
  • Fix/PPS LED
  • One external pin for wake up
  • Embedded antenna
  • Connector for external antenna
  • SuperCap to help store ephemeris data.


An inertial measurement unit, or IMU, measures and reports on velocity, orientation and gravitational forces, using a combination of an accelerometer, gyroscope and a magnetometer.

BerryGPS-IMU v4 is also fitted with a barometric sensor (BM388) which can be used to calculate altitude. A temperature sensor is also included.

IMUs can be found in devices like, quad copters, smart phones, segways, Wii Remote etc.. and are used to sense movement and orientation.


Technical specifications of IMU

Gyroscope  – LSM6DSL

  • i2c and SPI  interface
  • Measurement range ±125/±250/±500/±1000/±2000 dps
  • Sensitivity 4.375, 8.75, 17.50, 35, 70 mdps

Accelerometer  – LSM6DSL

  • i2c and SPI  interface
  • Scales of ±2g / ±4g /  ±8g / ±16g

Magnetometer – LIS3MDL

  • i2c and SPI  interface
  • Magnetic field full scale of  ±4 / ±8 / ±12 / ±16 gauss.
  • Internal temperature sensor

Barometric Sensor BMP388

  • i2c interface
  • Pressure range 300 … 1250 hPa
  • Resolution of data: Pressure: 0.18 Pa (eqiuv. to <10 cm)
  • Absolute accuracy  ±50 Pa
  • Relative accuracy ± 8Pa (equiv. to ±0.6 m)
  • Temperature range -40  …+85 °C


BerryGPS-IMU v4 is compatible with all models of Raspberry Pi, including Pi 2, Pi 3, Pi 4 and Zero as well Arduino

BerryGPS-IMU v4 comes with;

  • BerryGPS-IMU PCB
  • 1 x female header
  • 4 x nylon standoffs, nuts and screws

Raspberry Pi,  Antenna or QWIIC connector are not included.

Some very basic soldering is required to solder on the female header.


BerryGPS-IMU Guides and Tutorials

For the GPS:

For the IMU:

Additional information

Weight20 g


GPS specific

Datasheets for IMU


Datasheets for IMU


Sample Code for IMU

Git repository here The code can be pulled down to your Raspberry Pi with;
pi@raspberrypi ~ $ git clone

 Orientation of LSM9DS1

 Orientation of LSM6DSL

BerryIMU orientation




Schematic for BerryGPS-IMUv4

BerryGPS-IMU Schematic
BerryGPS-IMUv4 Schematic