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BerryIMU Code for Teensy

Our BerryIMU GIT repository has been updated with code for the Teensy, specifically Teensy 3.6.
teensy accelerometer gyroscopeNow you can have access to an accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, temperature and pressure sensor on your Teensy.

Here you can see the angles displayed using the Serial Plotter in the Arduino IDE which is connected to a Teensy 3.6.



Teensy 3.6  Hookup

teensy accelerometer gyroscope

Connect SCL on the BerryIMU to PIN 19
Connect SDA on the BerryIMU to PIN 18
Use 3.3v pin on the Teensy to power the BerryIMU.




Download the BerryIMU code from our GIT repository. The files you need are under the Teensy-BerryIMU folder.

We use the Arduino IDE to program the Teensy.  You will need to install Teensduino so that your Arduino IDE supports Teensy.

You can download it from this link;


BerryIMU Raspberry Pi Gyroscope Accelerometer


Arduino Serial plotter

The latest version of Arduino IDE includes a Serial Plotter. This is great to show angles in a sliding graph.

The below image shows how to access the Serial Plotter.

Arduino Serial Plotter

The Serial Monitor will have to be closed as both cannot be opened at the same time.

The Serial Plotter expects the values to be separated with a space. To show the X and Y angles on the plotter, comment out the print statements in the existing code and insert the code below.


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